Photographer captures dog and newborn puppies in 'pawsitively' precious photoshoot

A 2-year-old Dachshund recently welcomed a litter of puppies and what better reason for her owner, a professional photographer, to hold a precious photoshoot.

Laura Shockley is a photographer based in Washington State, she specializes in maternity and newborn photography.

About a month ago, she shared the exciting news on her dog’s pregnancy by holding a maternity shoot. Dressed in a tiny pastel pink skirt, Sugar wore a beautiful flower crown and posed next to various flowers. 

She posted the unbearably adorable photos of the mother-to-be on Laura Shockley Photography Facebook page with the caption:

"This little momma is going to grace us with some short legged puppers soon! I can not wait for the next milestone session for her, the grandmother (me) "purchased" her the maternity/newborn package! Stay tuned for the next session."

If you think a ‘pup-ternity’ photo session is adorable, wait until you see her puppies!

Fast-forward to September, Sugar's 'little sprinkles' finally arrived and of course, Shockley followed up with another precious photoshoot. 

She welcomed five healthy puppies, who are currently being called her 'sprinkles' and we can't think of a name more fitting.

The radiant mother is doing great and is on a special diet of 10 oz. mixture, 4 times a day, of cottage cheese, ground chicken, peas, pumpkin and carrots. 

"My mother 'the fairy grandpuppers' we call her, makes this mixture for her daily." Shockely told FOX 5, "The pups have doubled their size in two weeks and [are] doing amazing. All thanks to my mother Charlene Smith and Sugar being an amazing mommy!"

When the puppies are of age, the family will be giving them to friends and family who have always wanted Dachshunds.

"We would love to be able to watch them grow, so family was the first to get pups." 

Congrats to the beautiful mother and the Shockley family.