Pictures may help ID Sun City Prowler

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The man in the pictures released by the Georgetown Police Department is officially listed as a person of interest.

But it’s a strong possibility he’s the one who has been prowling the streets and homes of Sun City.

“We want to find this person, get him identified and find out what they intend,” said Georgetown police Captain Roland Waits.

The first case was reported about 24 months. It’s hoped that the pictures, released to FOX 7 Tuesday, could now help catch him.

“The individual has never got into assaultive behaviors,  but he has definitely gone into homes, and has been found at the end of the bed and the homeowner would wake up, see somebody standing at the end of the bed, and Yell at him and he walks out of the house,” said Capt. Waits.

Police are worried things could escalate.

“They asked me if I was scared,  I’m not scared I’m just kind of ... annoyed. I don’t think what he is doing is right, because there’s a lot of other people that  are scared,” said Sun City resident Gilbert Nickerson. 

The  encounter Nickerson had with the prowler was about  a year ago. 

“He just came up to the door and and just it there he push the doorbell and I heard it in by the time I got there to the front door there was nothing there so I picked up the phone because it records, and I saw him,  all he did was stood there and I guess he must’ve seen me or heard me or something because he kind a got startled to call just took off and darted out,” said Nickerson.

Initially it was thought that the individual could be suffering from a form of dementia . That would explain why he is wandering in and out around homes. For some residents it’s a plausible explanation. 

“I’ve heard of people who get disoriented and get lost,  and if they are looking for someone,  if they want to go to a house and need help, you know that could happen, but I have never heard anything like this,"  said Sun City resident George Price.

There are clues, in the pictures, that may indicate a state of mental confusion isn’t the reason 

“Now, as things have going on we’ve noticed that he starts to wear a bandanna, that he pulls up over his face when he anticipates encountering a game camera,  so there’s clearly some thought process, in our opinion he knows he’s doing something wrong or something he shouldn't’t be doing,” said Capt. Waits.

There are a two main reasons why it’s been so difficult to catch this individual. Investigators say there is no set pattern. The encounters have taken place weeks, even months apart. The other involved timely reporting. In several cases residents haven’t called the police for 24 to 72 hours.

Most of the incidents have happened in the northeast corner of the neighborhood, near Hwy 195. Police and security patrols have been ramped up.

A DPS helicopter has also been used to fly over the area  as part of the search effort.