Pipes burst, flood Uptown Dallas apartment parking garage

One of the neighborhoods that has been without power for most of the past day is Uptown Dallas.

The people living the area told FOX 4’s Hanna Battah they started Monday with rolling blackouts and the hope that their power would eventually come back on.

But at some point after more than 30 hours without power, many of them lost hope. Some left Monday night to check into a hotel or stay at a family member or friend’s house.

But not everyone is that that lucky. And with the power off there have been a lot of other issues that residents are dealing with.

On the third floor of the parking garage at one Uptown Dallas apartment complex, the pipes burst because of the unprecedented cold. Part of the parking garage then flooded and froze in several vehicles.

One man said he was able to hack his tires out of the ice to free his car but not everyone has been able to do the same.

The people who have been without power in the complex have also been without water for quite some time.

Officials are urging them to go to a warming center if they cannot stay with a friend or find a hotel.


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