Police believe suspect used 911 call to lure officers in Georgetown

An alleged burglary turned into an ambush for Georgetown police officers. FOX 7 is learning more about the officer-involved shooting in Georgetown. Police believe the suspect was the person who placed the initial 9-1-1 call about a burglary.

Both officers who were shot are doing well. Georgetown police believe the 16-year-old suspect who died at the scene tried to lure officers into this situation with that 9-1-1 call.

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“Nothing is routine about what we do, you think you’re going into one situation that may be common but it can turn very uncommon very quickly and get elevated into a very dynamic and fluid situation,” said Captain Rolan Waits with Georgetown PD.

Waits said their investigation lead them to believe the original call about a burglary was actually a trap. “We figured out that the caller, the victim was the caller himself and his intent was to lure us into this situation,” said Waits.

The suspect fired at the two officers; one was hit once in each leg. The other was shot in the foot. The suspect died at the scene after officers returned fire.


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“Our hearts go out to the family we are here to protect and serve that’s what we do but we are people and we understand it’s a tragic situation regardless,” said Waits.

Bullet holes can be found on garage doors, walls, and cars. The neighborhood is shaken up from the shooting.

“Just listening to the bullets fly, you don’t know where they’re coming from, you don’t know where they’re going. I just wanted to put everybody in a safe spot. Everyone’s pretty friendly around here, you never expect an incident like this to happen in this area,” said Alfred Vracamontez who lives in the area.

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While those who live here say it’s generally quiet, Waits said this incident shows that officers must always be vigilant no matter where the call takes them.

“Georgetown is a very safe city, fortunately, knock on wood, we don’t have a lot of these incidents but it just goes to speak at the fact that officers have to be prepared they have to be ready for the unexpected,” said Waits.

Both officers have since been released from the hospital and doing well. The two officers are on administrative leave during this time.

Georgetown police say this was an isolated incident and don’t expect to see trends.