Police investigating latest deadly shootings

Two people were shot and killed over the weekend in Austin. This marks the 19th and 20th homicides so far this year and the Austin Police Department is asking for your help in finding the suspects in these latest deaths.

33-year-old Justin Pryor was shot in the early morning hours of Saturday, July 20th. 11 minutes later, he was pronounced dead on scene.

This was on the 4500 block of Turnstone Drive in the Dove Springs area.

Thursday, July 18th, 23-year-old Alexander Black was shot on Springdale Road. Three days later he was declared brain-dead, and died at the hospital. APD says these shootings aren't connected but they believe there's a possibility the victims knew their shooters.

The lead detective, Will Ray says they need more information especially in Justin Pryor’s case, because Pryor was killed on a public street. Detective Ray adds, "In addition to that it's in an insular neighborhood. The Dove Springs area has had a difficult relationship with police and even if somebody wanted to cooperate with police that's frowned upon. But we have a number of ways people can anonymously help out by providing tips to crime stoppers."

Detective Ray says they have strong leads for both homicides.

He says he can't say whether this is gang related or not.

If you have any information, call police.