Police on lookout for driver possibly involved in deadly Round Rock crash

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Round Rock police are searching for a driver of a grabber blue Ford Mustang believed to be a model from 2010-2013 that may have info pertinent to the investigation of a crash. This is a picture of a similar vehicle not the actual vehicle involved.

A father and his daughter are killed crossing a street in Round Rock. Police say their deaths were the result of at least one speeding vehicle and they are looking for a driver who may have been involved at some point.

Police have identified the victims as 43-year-old Tyrone and 12-year-old Cheyenne Price.

Tyrone was a father of seven.

Cheyenne was a 6th grade student at C.D. Fulkes Middle School.

Flowers, balloons and a note that reads "Please Drive Safe" line the fence of the Colonial Village Apartments at the corner of A.W. Grimes and Gattis School Road.

That was where police say Tyrone and Cheyenne were fatally struck as they crossed the street.

Police say a car going northbound on A.W. Grimes struck a van making a turn into the intersection. Those vehicles hit the father and daughter.

Officers say speed was a factor. They are also saying they believe a blue Ford Mustang was involved. They are not calling this street racing but want to talk with the driver of the blue Mustang.

This afternoon surviving members of the price family returned to the scene.

Mother Janice Bell says, “It kills me to just stand here. It makes me angry because this is the spot where my family lost their lives and on the same token this car that hasn't been found. It drives me crazy because he's probably still out there speeding and then maybe somebody else he might lose their life.”

Sister Juanita Price says, “They were literally 100 feet away from home. They walked the street every day. They go to Taco Bell, they go to Pizza Hut, they go to the store. They walk this road every day and then this one day and you have these really, really crazy people that decide to drive really crazy on a busy street and this is what happened two innocent lives.”

A photo can be seen above of a grabber blue Ford Mustang, model year 2010-13, that looks similar to the one police say was possibly involved in the crash. Officers want to talk to the driver. They are calling them a witness at this point.

If you have information you’re asked to call the Round Rock Police Department tipline at 512-671-2842.
No one has been ticketed or charged in this incident.

In addition to the two deaths, police say one person was hospitalized with life-threatening injuries another four people were taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries.