Poll: Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders in dead heat with Texas Democratic primary voters

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are in a dead heat with voters for March’s Texas Democratic primary, a new poll finds.

The former vice president leads with 28 percent among potential Democratic primary voters, according to a Texas Lyceum poll released on Wednesday, with Sanders at 26 percent.

The two were easily the top two polling Democratic candidates. Elizabeth Warren was in third with 13 percent, followed by Mike Bloomberg with 9 percent, Pete Buttigieg at 6 percent and Amy Klobuchar with 3 percent.

The Lyceum poll finds statistical trends among Texas Democrats that mirror polling in other parts of the country. Biden leads with Texas black Democratic primary voters at 39 percent, followed by Sanders at 24 percent and Warren with 11 percent. There’s also a split when it comes to age. Biden leads among likely Texas Democratic voters over 45, with Sanders leading those ages 18-44.

When it comes to a general election matchup of all likely 2020 voters, it’s Sanders who would perform best in Texas among Democrats, the poll finds. But none of the contenders beat Trump.

Trump leads Sanders 50-47, within the poll’s margin of error. Trump leads Biden 51-46, leads Warren 52-44 and Buttigieg 51-43.

Trump’s approval rating in the state remained under water. Overall, 52 percent of Texas adults disapprove of his job performance with 47 percent approving.

The Texas Lyceum poll took place from Jan. 10-19 and surveyed 1,200 people, with a margin of error of (+/-) 4.89 percent among Democratic voters, (+/-) 4.3 percent among likely 2020 voters and (+/-) 2.89 among Texas adults.