Popeyes customers slam new BYOB campaign: 'Fire whoever came up with this idea'

In a surprise few could have foreseen, it appears customers don't like being trolled by fast-food chains for no reason — especially after praising a brand for its new menu item.

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Popeyes is seemingly learning this lesson the hard way, after launching an unusual campaign asking its customers to "BYOB" -- Bring Your Own Bun — and make their own sandwich. Remember, the fast-food restaurant's virally popular chicken sandwich sold out a month early.

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In the 30-second-long advertisement, several customers (or rather, people acting as customers) are seen reacting very negatively to the BYOB gimmick. One of the customers even asks, "What the f---?" Popeyes also splices in sarcastic slides that seem to taunt the customers, who are just asking for the sandwich, and not another chore.

"And I have to bring my own bun?" one customer in the commercial asks, before the brand cuts to an oddly cheeky slide that reads "That's what BYOB means..."

Well, turns out, those on Twitter had similar reactions to the customers on camera, and left hundreds of comments criticizing Popeyes for the commercial, which had more than 1 million views as of Thursday afternoon.

Not everyone was upset; some just wanted to get their hands on the chicken sandwich. However, the brand has not revealed when the sandwich will be returning to the menu.

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