Possible explosive device located at Hancock Golf Course

The Hancock Golf Course was closed for hours Monday as Austin police investigated a possible explosive device. 

“It was barricaded, so I diverted around the barricade, but you could see clearly that there was a large public safety presence with police and EMS and firetrucks right along 41st,” said Matt Tynan who was cycling in the area at the time.   

Tynan also recognized the bomb squad truck on scene. It was a stark reminder of the bombings that shook the City of Austin five months ago. 

“Immediately it makes me think, ‘Is there someone who is a copycat? Someone trying to do the same thing that we were dealing with as a community several months ago?’ Tynan said. 

Austin police said they were at the golf course around 12:15 p.m. to check out a potentially explosive device. 

When officers arrived, they found some kind of contraption that appeared to be pieced together using household items. 

The ATF said they were called to assist, but, before they arrived, Austin police rendered the device safe. 

People in the area said the course is open to the public at all times, so it could be difficult to find a suspect. 

“The Hancock Golf Course is very accessible. I know people walk their dogs, they run, I think it's used, also, in addition to a golf course, it's kind of a community park,” said Tynan.  

Police sent all the pieces of the device to a laboratory to be tested and analyzed. 

Officers said they don't believe there is any threat to the public, but after such a traumatic spring in

Austin, it's no wonder there's so much concern every time people see the bomb squad. 

“Very fresh memories of what the community has gone through and, hopefully, we are able to put that more in the past and we're not reliving some of that now, but that's what you think about,” Tynan said.