Powerball jackpot reaches $1.2 billion, second-largest prize in history

Wednesday night’s Powerball jackpot topped $1 billion, the second-highest in the game’s history.

"$10, hopefully that’s the one," said Scott Palmer of Cedar Park.

"I just feel lucky," said Matt Gonzalez of Cedar Park.

$1.2 billion was up for grabs in Wednesday night’s Powerball jackpot.

"Powerball fever is sweeping across the great state of Texas," said Texas Lottery Executive Director Gary Grief.

Grief says this is the second-largest Powerball prize in history—a Texas-sized jackpot, you might say—though it’s been three years since a Texan has won the grand prize.

"That's the last time, John, that we had a winner in Texas. 2019. Other states have been a little more lucky than us. So I just have a feeling Texas is due," said Grief.

It’s a feeling shared by customers at the Reserve by Camco Food Mart on Cluck Creek in Cedar Park, and for good reason.

This was one of two Texas stores that sold a $1 million Powerball ticket, matching five out of six numbers in Monday night’s drawing.

"My boyfriend gave me $20, told me to get tickets. This is where I get my gas, this is where I get everything, and I got busy and didn’t buy any tickets. And then of course I saw Cluck Creek on the news, so I’m not forgetting tonight," said Adrienne Altman of Cedar Park.

Ever since Monday night, the owners of Reserve by Camco say they have seen a steady stream of people coming in to buy their tickets for Wednesday night’s drawing, hoping maybe they’ll be lucky, too.

"I mean some stores are lucky. This one must be it. I always win here, so one billion’s mine now," said Gonzalez.


Not to be a Debbie downer, but he would have to beat some pretty tough odds: one in 292 million.

"It’s astronomical, but hey, somebody’s gotta win," said Palmer.

If you do win, the lump sum brings the prize down to just $596.7 million. After taxes, it’s around $376 million. Still, not a bad payday.

"With this money I would help my family, you know, give everyone some money," said Gonzalez.

"I’d give as much away as quick as I could. You don’t need that much money," said Palmer.

Lottery officials say there’s about a 50/50 chance someone did win Wednesday night’s drawing. If not, Saturday’s jackpot will be at least $1.5 billion.

Winning numbers: 2, 11, 22, 35, 60; Powerball: 23