Pregnant woman attacked by dog

A pregnant woman is badly injured after she says a dog attacked her in East Austin. Now she's looking for the man who helped save her.

The woman says a passerby came to the rescue, otherwise her injuries would have been a lot worse. She wants to track the man down to thank him in person. We want to warn you, some of the images you are about to see are graphic.

A walk along the street turned into a brutal attack for 6-month-pregnant Chea Fuller.

"Then this dog came charging at us, barking, teeth bared," says Chea Fuller, victim.

"When I pulled my leg out of the dog's mouth, that's when it tore my leg and tore the muscle. I have stitches, I wasn't able to walk for a week," says Fuller.

Fuller is a vet technician in East Austin. She says on Saturday, July 18th she went for a walk with two small dogs she was watching. It was near Holly and Chicon Street when a medium-sized dog came running up to her.

"I mean, I work with dogs every day. I'm very, very familiar with aggressive dogs and I've been approached by dogs while walking before. I knew this dog meant business. I knew that he was out for blood," says Fuller.

Fuller tried to protect the two smaller dogs that were with her. When she turned to pick them up, that's when she says the other dog attacked. A man passing by jumped in to help.

"It would have been much more serious. I know that part of town, there's often children walking in the neighborhood. There's all kinds of people walking their dogs. Like I said, I'm very, very familiar with dogs and aggressive dogs. I know how to handle myself. If it was a young child or someone else, it would have been much more serious," says Fuller.

Fuller was taken to the hospital. Since she is pregnant, she was unable to take pain medication and refused a rabies shot. Her injury is slowly starting to heal.

"It's still numb; there's some nerve damage," Fuller.
Fuller's biggest concern now, is finding the man who came to her rescue. She hopes he can provide some insight on who the dog's owner might be. But most importantly, finding him to say "thank you."

Fuller describes the man as Caucasian, in his late 20's or early 30's, with dark blonde hair in a pony tail. He was last seen wearing a Hawaiian necklace and driving a white truck. Fuller has hired a lawyer to help her with the case. She says authorities still don't have the aggressive dog in their possession.

If you have any information you're asked to call police.

You can also reach Chea Fuller at 512-838-1359.