President Trump and First Lady Melania test positive for COVID-19

President Trump and First Lady Melania have tested positive for COVID-19. They both say they're quarantining at home and have postponed upcoming events while they recover.    

The president's physician says the first couple is doing well and plans to remain at the White House until they are no longer contagious.    

Dr. Sean Conley also said President Trump is still capable of being able to carry out his duties without disruption while he recovers.    

This news came just hours after reports that top aide Hope Hicks, who'd traveled with the president this week, had tested positive.    

President Trump is 74 years old, putting him at higher risk of serious complications from the virus, while his wife, Melania, is 50.    

The diagnosis could force him off the campaign trail just weeks before the November election if he develops symptoms, including fever, cough, and trouble breathing.    

The president has canceled plans to attend a fundraiser and flying to Florida for a rally Friday, but he will take part in a previously planned phone call on COVID-19 support for vulnerable seniors.    

So far, the coronavirus has killed nearly 208-thousand Americans and infected nearly 7 and a half million people in the U.S.    

If President Trump becomes incapacitated due to illness, Vice President Mike Pence would serve as acting president until President Trump is better and able to serve as the country's leader again.