President Trump celebrates trade deals at Austin Farm Bureau Federation’s annual convention

President Trump received a warm welcome from Texans at the American Farm Bureau Federations Annual Convention on Sunday afternoon. 

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The President celebrated breakthrough deals with the farmers and ranchers that stood behind him during the tense trade negotiations. 

On Wednesday, the President signed a phase one trade agreement with China, ensuring that large country would increase its purchase of U.S. goods and products.

The agreement is expected to generate $200 billion in two years. "Most important of all the deal is enforceable very, very powerfully enforceable in fact it was probably the thing we negotiated the most and rest assured we will vigorously enforce its terms," the President told convention attendees.  

The deal is heralded by farmers as a win. The President told the crowd the agriculture industry will expect other wins when the U.S.-Mexico agreement passes in the Senate. 

"It was a wonderful vote and I sign it very soon it's being prepared now beautifully prepared. I'm going to Europe to talk to world leaders and to talk to business people about coming everybody wants to come back to America," the President said. 

These profitable promises are something the farmers say they can get behind and the President says he's looking to help the next generation of American farmers, "The young farmers it gives them a chance. We work with young farmers it's tough on them," he said. 

Along with the trade deals, the President spoke about the employment rate and immigration mentioning that the border wall is rapidly being built. 

"We are achieving what no administration has ever achieved before and what do I get out of it tell me, I get impeached that's what I get out of it by these radical left lunatics I get impeached but that's okay the farmers are sticking with Trump." 

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