Protesters gather outside APD headquarters, demand justice for man shot by police

It has been three weeks since an Austin Police Officer shot and killed 42-year-old Mike Ramos in Southeast Austin. Today, protesters gathered outside APD’s Headquarters downtown to demand justice for Ramos.

“We can't fight this battle from home. We have to go and confront our enemies, including the Austin Police Department,” one protester told FOX 7 Austin.

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Over a dozen protesters collected with one goal in mind: get justice for a man they believed was wrongfully killed.

“Every time they do this, there's gonna be an organized front of people who are going to fight back and they're gonna have a fight on their hands,” said a protester.

Late last month, Mike Ramos was shot with non-lethal force by one Austin police officer, and killed by another.

“Our first demand is that Christopher Taylor and Mitchell Piper get fired and prosecuted for what they did and then our second demand is that Chief Manley get fired,” said a protester.

Two protesters dressed as pigs in police uniforms were also in attendance. They say they were representing the two officers involved in the shooting.

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“We just want to let them know that like, we're gonna make their jobs a living hell every time that they do this,” said a protester.

The protest ended with throwing paint eggs at the pair in costume and at the headquarters building. The protesters calling for these officers to face consequences. 

“Even when Chief Manley's gone, the fight’s not going to end. Even when [the officers are] in jail, it's not gonna end,” said the protester.

At the request of APD’s Chief, this officer-involved shooting is being investigated by the Texas Rangers.