PSV president Dave Greeley details proposal for Major League Soccer stadium near Domain

"Austin is a dynamic city.  It's the most millennial city in America, it's very multi-cultural and diverse." -- Austin's values reflected in the game of soccer. This, according to Precourt Sports Ventures President Dave Greeley.  

They own the Columbus Crew soccer club or whatever they would be named here in Austin.

Last week, the team behind the team released their nearly 200-page proposal for a stadium and soccer park at McKalla Place near the Domain.  

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On Thursday, Greeley detailed that for FOX 7. "The city's going to continue to own the land, own the stadium.  They're also going to get perhaps the most favorable public-sector MLS stadium deal in the country.  We're prepared to do that because we do want to be in Austin," Greeley said.  

A $200 million stadium which Precourt will pay for: Architect Jonathan Emmett says it's open-air, 20,000 seats with natural grass. And for the fans, the seating will be intimate.

"It's really about putting the fans as close to the action as possible," he said.

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Even though there will only be about 1,000 parking spots on-site, Dan Vaillant says with the Domain nearby there are more than 10,000 parking spaces within walking distance.

"It doesn't require 10,000 cars to come to the site and try to get onto the site.  It requires those cars to be distributed in a much larger area," Vaillant said.  

Mayor Pro-Tem Kathie Tovo is optimistic about soccer coming to Austin.

"McKalla's really well-suited in my opinion, really well-suited in my opinion to be a stadium," Tovo said. 

But she does have a couple of concerns. "I understand they are suggesting that they would not pay for property taxes and I think that's a conversation that we would need to have," Tovo said.  

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The team says since the stadium will be a city-owned facility they are proposing property tax exemption. "Let's be clear, McKalla Place has sat empty for over 20 years.  It's delivered no taxes, it's delivered no jobs, it's delivered no revenue for the city, it's done nothing so we have a wonderful valued proposition," Greeley said.  

Tovo is also concerned about remediation of the land.  

From 1956 to 1985 Reichold Chemical was there. An explosion shut the plant down in '85.  The city bought the property and during construction of a north service center there in 2003, another explosion injured several workers.  

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality gave it a "clean bill of health" so to speak last year.

"We've looked at the remediation.  We're very confident that there are no issues," Greeley said. 

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The question many have been asking since the beginning...what are the chances that Austin is really getting a professional soccer team? "We're full speed ahead.  We have every confidence in the world that we can form the right public-private venture with the City of Austin," Greeley said.  

Mayor Pro Tem Tovo is also passionate about affordable housing which is something that's been considered for McKalla Place.  Precourt Sports Ventures says about $93 million throughout the first 25 years of the stadium will be invested in causes like affordable housing and non-profit support.

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Depending on how next week's council discussion goes, Tovo says something may be voted on by the end of June. Dave Greeley says time is of the essence because they want the team playing here in a temporary spot next March.  The stadium would open in 2021.