Push to make APD Interim Chief Manley permanent

On the dais Thursday morning, Austin Mayor Steve Adler praised Interim Chief Brian Manley.

“You guys did just a hell of a job and the entire community is indebted to you,” said Mayor Steve Adler.

A standing ovation was given for Manley after a grueling three week search for the Austin bomber.

“To get to serve as the police chief in the department in which you grew up in which you serve with men and women you consider family, it's not often an opportunity the chief gets to have,” said Manley.

Because of his efforts, the Greater Austin Crime Commission, and several council members are affirming Manley, and hoping new city manager Spencer Cronk will make him, permanent chief.

“We have seen his leadership in important ways for a long time. I think over the last month, the country has seen that important leadership,” said Pam Willeford, board of directors member at Greater Austin Crime Commission. 

“I'm sure there are wonderful candidates out there, but we have a wonderful candidate here,” said Delia Garza, city council member district two.

“We have gone through two murders of students at U.T. and he has been there with us this entire time,” said Joell McNew, VP at SafeHorns, a non-profit advocating for safety at UT.

The commission endorsed Manley shortly before council met on the dais. They approved a unanimous measure to develop a five-year plan to study and staff APD with more officers. The commission cited a study from Matrix Consulting that the city is at least 300 officers understaffed. Manley says in the wake of the bombings, the need couldn't be stronger.

“I think we've realized even more so now after the last three weeks that we are a major metropolitan area and we face the same threats as other major cities across this country,” said Manley.

Garza and several of her colleagues have said they would affirm Manley, but the decision is in the hands of Cronk. 

“As I have consistently said, I'm a big fan. His work with the community, I consider to be masterful. It's masterful because he cares, and he considers himself part of this community and has always been part of this community,” said Adler.