Recount Filed for "Back-and-Forth" Council Seat Race in Cedar Park

Every single vote matters.

That has never been more true in Cedar Park. That's because two votes separate two candidates for the city council place five seat. On election day, it was only one vote.

The incumbent Heather Jefts has filed for a re-count because of how close the race is. She was originally a head by one vote until all the mail in votes and provisional ballots were tallied after election day which put her behind by two votes.

“Didn't think that it would remain as close as it did,” said Heather Jefts the incumbent for Cedar Park city council place 5.

The race for city council place 5 in Cedar Park came down to the wire. Jefts lost to her opponent Rodney Robinson by just two votes.

“Every vote makes a difference in a race,” said Jefts.

Robinson wasn't always in the lead.

“It was a pretty stressful roller-coaster, a lot of ups and downs through the entire week just waiting to know what the outcome would finally be,” said Jefts.

Now Jefts is calling for a recount. “It's still incredibly close and I think that there are a lot of people that really want to make sure that they have peace of mind the voter's intent was honored,” said Jefts.

We reached out to the Williamson County Elections Office, they told FOX 7 Austin when it comes to recounts they only go through ballots which were officially accepted. Calling a re-count isn't cheap for this race it costs $2,200.

If the final result changes who ever paid will be refunded, but because the election process is mostly electronic they say it's very rare for a result to change.

“The next time that we have any kind of election just remember your vote does mean a great deal,” said Jefts.

Robinson posted on social media thanking his election team and supporters for their efforts.

FOX 7 Austin reached out to him for comment on the race. While we were not able to get an on camera interview he did tell us, because the race is so close he understands Jefts’ decision to call for a re-count and will accept the results as long as he gets fair representation.

The Williamson County Elections Offices says the re-count will be done by the City of Cedar Park.

While it's not sure when it will be done they say it generally takes about a day to do.