Resident in West Campus hasn't had hot water, gas for almost a month

A resident at an apartment complex in West Campus is fed up with having no hot water or gas for almost a month. The Pease Parkside Apartments say they have been working every day to fix the issue.

To say this resident is frustrated would be an understatement. 

This UT student who lives at the complex says she has not taken a hot shower in her own apartment in almost a month. She is so desperate for help that her mom reached out to FOX 7 Austin to see if she can get some answers.

"It was December 20th when I realized I didn't have hot water," said a resident of the Pease Parkside Apartments who chose to remain anonymous.

It has been almost one month since this resident discovered she had no hot water, no heat, and no gas. "I think it wouldn't be this much of a problem if this was something that did not happen for a whole month," she said.

This resident says this past month living with no gas, heat, or hot water has been rough, and she is not alone. According to an email sent by the apartment complex, an entire building is dealing with the exact same problem after Texas Gas turned off service to the property after a possible leak had been discovered.

 The apartment wrote that this is an "emergency" and a "top priority", but since that email, the problem is still evident. The resident says not only does she have no hot water, but she also is not able to boil water or cook food because her stove runs on gas.

"It's really stressful," said the resident.

FOX 7 Austin reached out to the Pease Parkside Apartments for a statement. 

"The health, safety and well-being of our residents remains our top priority.  We have been diligently working every day to solve the problem and are hopeful the work completed today will result in being able to restore the utility back on immediately.  During this time, we have offered space heaters and rent concessions to each of the residents to help them through this challenge." 

John O’Neill with Pease Parkside Apartments

"I just feel like $100 credit for a month of no water and gas feels a little bit insulting. It's a lot harder than just saying, like, oh, it's just a month, but it really is a lot," said the resident.

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