Residents along Blanco River pick up the pieces of what's left of homes

Homes weren't the only things swept away in Wimberley. The Fischer Store Bridge along Fischer Store Road was destroyed by the flood.

"It looks like somebody came with the biggest lawnmower you've ever seen and mowed over every huge pecan tree and cypress tree in the area. It's completely flat," said David Schwabe, Wimberley resident.

It's a Memorial Day weekend Wimberley residents will never forget.

"The guy down at the end of the road on Fischer Store Bridge, he had 25 people in his house at the time. He said within 15 minutes he said the water was in the house," said Schwabe.

A historic flood along the Blanco River tore through whatever laid in its path. People gaze in "awe"

at the Fischer Store Bridge which no longer exists.

"When I walked down there it was completely gone," said Schwabe.

Caroline Duchscher is helping a friend pick up the pieces of her flooded home and recover whatever is salvageable.

"There's a chair in the tree over there, that shows you how high the water was," said Duchscher.

Duchscher says the flood caught many who live here, by surprise.

"Look at these trees, I mean these trees are very, very old and they've sustained many, many floods and this, I've never seen anything like this," said Duchscher.

But those who are suddenly homeless, are not alone. Many in the community are banding together to fight through one of Wimberley's darkest hours.

We connected with a group of middle school students Danforth Elementary here in Wimberley. We are providing drinks, snacks, and food if necessary

Dozens watched helplessly as everything they worked hard for was swept away,. But many here are just thankful to have each other, in the midst of a storm.

With more rain expected this week, people in Wimberley say they are bracing themselves for the next round.

To help out residents affected by the floods, Ace Hardware at 100 Carney Lane in Wimberley and Wimberley High School are accepting donations of clothing and non perishables.