Residents in North Austin have been without water for over a week

Residents at a Northwest Austin apartment complex are fed up with having to live without any running water for over a week, and after getting no concrete answer as to when it will be back on, several people living at the Falls on Bull Creek Apartments reached out to FOX 7 Austin for help.

Chris Murray is a resident of the Falls on Bull Creek Apartments. 

He says he has been living without running water for nine days. "I haven't been able to flush my toilet without any water so what I can do is go to the other side of the property to fill up a bucket and then put the bucket in the toilet in order to flush my toilet," he said.

It has been his routine since he got an email from the complex about the water being off. The email was sent on January 15th at 3:37 p.m. saying: "Good afternoon y'all. The plumbers will begin working on the repairs this afternoon. The main water line has a leak, leaving the entire property without water. The most recent update is estimating that the water will not be back on until Monday by 12:00pm. We are so sorry for the inconvenience and are doing everything we can to get this resolved ASAP. Hang in there!!"

However, that day came and went. The water has yet to be turned back on. "At the time, I was pretty frustrated about two and a half days of no running water, but it's now going on nine and a half days," he said.

The apartment’s team has sent several emails to Murray to keep him updated but still has not set a solid day as to when the water will be back on.

As an accommodation, the complex has opened three vacant apartments that do have water to all residents as a source of water or to take showers. "To have to walk outside when it's 30, 40, 50 degrees and go to a separate apartment to do that is frustrating and demoralizing," said Murray.

Murray is not the only resident dealing with this problem. In fact, most of the complex is facing the same issue.

"It's really hard for us to stay because we have no water to flush the toilet, we have no water to shower, and they open only three units for almost 100 units to let us use. It's ridiculous," said an anonymous resident.

Several residents of the Falls on Bull Creek Apartments reached out to FOX 7 Austin to share their frustration. They say this is not the only problem they've had with this complex: last year, their whole ceiling caved in after a water burst. This time they want out or at least some sort of rent accommodation.

"It is not livable when you have to pour water into your toilets to get them to flush, when you can't take a shower, when you have to get out in the cold and take a shower in some other place," said the anonymous resident.

FOX 7 Austin reached out to the Falls on Bull Creek Apartments for comment, but have not heard back. However, residents say they did receive a text message from the complex around 6 p.m. which they chose to share with FOX 7 Austin. 

The message said: "We are sorry to inform you that water will not be restored today, 1/24/2022. The plumbers are returning to find the obstruction to the water. So sorry."

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