Restaurant in Studio City offers drive-in dining experience

The parking lot of Vitello’s Italian Restaurant is transformed into a unique outdoor dining experience. An idea that happened by accident, according to co-owner Brad Roen.

“One of our regular customers asked if he could sit in our parking lot and have dinner and then he brought his friend the next weekend and they sat and tailgated in cars opposite of each other they just had a good time,” said Roen.

These diners were among the original tailgaters with their friends.

“We had the idea that we would come next week and tailgate with them... So we all drove over and it just kind of became a thing,” said Diner Scott Barry. 

That thing is now officially called drive-in/dine-out. Only in its second week, 14 parking spaces are already sold out.

“They all bring their own things. We sell them food to go and they create their own environment,” said Roen. 

Some guests are keeping it simple others are going all out. This couple is celebrating their anniversary.

“I think it’s great it’s kind of like a bit of the old way just a taste of what we used to have,” said diner Chris Garland.

Roen says it’s not so much about making a profit but rather being there for the community that is craving a much-needed night out.

“It’s a perfect idea, if we have to separate a little bit, we do what we have to do until this is all over,” said Barry. 

The drive-in/dine-out experience is booked on Fridays and Saturdays through June. But the owner says they are looking at adding more days and will likely continue it even when the restaurant is allowed to reopen.

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