Restaurants, non-profit pair up to help homeless pets with Takeout & Take Me Home program

People suffering in this pandemic can speak up and get help, but unfortunately, that's not so for the four-legged voiceless.

"They're out there they're lonely we took their instincts away to live in the wild on their own they no longer have that so it's up to us to take care of them," said Tama Lundquist co-president of Houston PetSet.

Her non-profit sees the impact this crisis is having on pets.


"People are really at a loss for what to do if they can't afford vet care," said Tena Lundquist Faust who founded Houston PetSet with her sister Tama.

"We're going to see a huge influx of animals on our streets very soon."

Animal control officers are no longer picking up strays and it's breeding season, "so we're really facing a crisis," Faust said.

Houston PetSet has come up with a way to help local restaurants and homeless pets at the same time.

"Collaboration, it works. It works in the city, it works around the country," Lunquist said.

A dog or cat's picture and biography are attached to your carry-out order.

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"They are already in a foster home so they've been socialized we have notes on their behavior," said Faust. They're healthy they've been vaccinated spayed and neutered so these are dogs and cats that are loving and ready."

The restaurants now participating are Paulies Restaurant in Montrose, Red Lion Pub in Upper Kirby, Mutiny Wine Room in the Heights, and Toulouse Cafe and Bar in the Galleria area.

"Every little puppy needs a home. Everybody get some food, and adopt a dog," said Pedro Teyuca with Toulouse. "The most loyal loving friend you will ever have, you'll wonder how you ever lived without a pet once you've had one," Faust said.

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