Retired DPS trooper dies in standoff after allegedly killing his wife and 1 other person

A retired Texas Department of Public Safety trooper was shot and killed by a Travis County Sheriff's Office deputy during a standoff after the retired trooper allegedly shot and killed his wife and one other person.

The incident took place in the afternoon on Sept. 17 in Elgin. The Elgin Police Department responded to a domestic disturbance call at a home on Bexar Forest Cove.

When officers arrived they were met by the retired trooper who was armed with a handgun. 

Officials tell FOX 7 Austin the retired trooper allegedly shot and killed his wife and another woman, who witnesses say lived with the couple in the house. 

The Travis County deputy shot and killed the retired trooper during a standoff in front of the house. The deputy has been placed on administrative leave with pay.

On Sept. 20, officials released the names of the victims as Kristin Morales and Randi Mitchell.

For some people who live near Elgin High School, the police line represents a pressing questioned, could what have happened Saturday been avoided?

"That’s hard to say. It was a very tense moment, it happened so quickly," said Karl McHazlett.

The shooting happened across the street from McHazlett’s house. He watched the entire tragedy unfold. 

When the man came out of the house, authorities were pulling up. There was an earlier media report that the man came out wearing a gas mask.

"That is totally untrue. That is totally untrue. I saw that in the news somewhere, and I thought, where did they get that from, we were watching him the whole time. He was a couple of feet from our house and that is not true. He didn’t go berserk like that, no," said McHazlett.

During the standoff, McHazlett said his neighbor threatened to kill himself with a handgun.

"I saw many attempts for them to try to convince him, but I think base on, and that’s speculation, that based on what he figured he had already done there was no going back," said McHazlett.

The aftermath was described by another neighbor, who didn’t want to show her face.

"I could see their emotion after it all, and sheriff and Elgin PD were devastated, because I’m sure they didn’t want this outcome," said the witness.

There are reports of several past domestic disturbances occurring inside the house.  But Frank Hernandez, who lives a few doors down, said on the outside, everything appeared to be OK.

"They always passed by here, walking their dogs and my wife always said hi to him, and nobody saw nothing coming," said Hernandez.

The case is being investigated by the Texas Rangers.

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