Ridgeview Middle School teacher arrested

Round Rock police arrested Ridgeview Middle School teacher Katherine Howard Thursday morning during school hours after finding less than 2 ounces of marijuana in her vehicle in the school parking lot.

Police say the principal requested a school resource officer use a K-9 to search the parking lot.

The officer says the dog alerted to Katherine Howard's vehicle.

"They brought her out to the parking lot and she provided the keys and they opened the car and in the interior were able to find a baggie of marijuana," said RRPD Spokesperson Angelique Meyers.

According to court paperwork, the contents of the bag measured at .025 ounces.

"Once the marijuana was found, police immediately took Howard into custody and she was transported to jail," said Meyers.

Howard was charged with possession of marijuana, a Class A Misdemeanor for possession. The charge was heightened because a school is considered to be a drug free zone. She bonded out for $3,000.

"Our employees know drugs are not acceptable," said RRISD Spokesperson JoyLynn Occhiuzzi.

OCCHIUZZI says the district routinely conducts random drug sweeps with k-9s at all middle and high school campuses. this is the first case she knows of where a teacher was found in possession.

"it's a reminder we are looking for things like that do you take it very seriously find drugs on campus we take the appropriate action," said Occhiuzzi.

We do not know what action the district will take against Howard. We do know Human Resources is involved.

A Class A Misdemeanor conviction would not cause Howard to lose her certification.