Risk of large wildfires in West Texas, Panhandle due to minimal rainfall

(Texas A&M Forest Service)

There is a potential for large wildfires to happen on Thursday through the weekend in the areas near Canadian, Amarillo, Childress, Lubbock, Big Spring, Midland and Alpine.

The amount of rainfall from Sunday through Tuesday has reduced the threat for large fires for areas northwest of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, the Capital region, the Hill Country south of San Angelo and near Fredericksburg as well as most of South and East Texas.

"Portions of West Texas and the Panhandle did not benefit from the weekend’s rain event," said Luke Kanclerz, Texas A&M Forest Service Fire Analyst. "In these areas, grasses remain dormant and dry, and extreme to exceptional drought conditions persist."

Texas A&M Forest Service has reduced the State Preparedness Level to Level 3 as the result of increased moisture across much of the state, as well as the decrease in wildfire activity and commitment of state and local resources to fires. 

However, the potential for wildfire activity continues in areas where dormant grasses are present and minimal rainfall was observed.

"While much of the state received beneficial rainfall, there are still areas that remain dry and are at risk for wildfire," said Wes Moorehead, Texas A&M Forest Service Fire Chief. "Texas A&M Forest Service will continue to monitor conditions and ensure personnel and equipment are positioned across areas of concern."


Since January 1, Texas A&M Forest Service fire resources have responded to 790 wildfires that burned 377,961 acres. In addition to the 387 Texas A&M Forest Service firefighters, 954 TIFMAS personnel and 1,010 personnel from other states have mobilized for wildfire response in Texas this year.

For current conditions and wildfire outlook, read the Texas Fire Potential Outlook.