Road dedicated to fallen APD officer

The family of former Austin police officer Donald Carpenter have been mourning his loss since January 28, 1964. But on this day, they could finally celebrate.

"Oh my gosh, it's humbling to know that people would rally around my dad," Donna Aleman, one of Donald Carpenter's two daughters, said. "I mean it was 52 years ago, you wouldn't think that people would remember but they do and it means a lot," she said.

Officer Carpenter was shot and killed in South Austin after responding to assist Officer Bobby Sides on a burglary call. Officer sides was also shot but he survived.

"Don, sacrificed his life in the line of duty to keep mine and I am always going to be thankful for Donald Carpenter," Sides said.

A park road in Circle C Metropolitan Park will now be known as Donald E. Carpenter Way.  Austin City Council member Ellen Troxclair has been working for well over a year to ensure the memory of Officer Carpenter will be remembered.

"It's just a symbol that the community really values their sacrifices, values what they do for us and that they will never be forgotten," she said.

It is also a reminder to the men and women who currently wear a badge so they too will never forget. 

"The message that we are sending today by honoring a man that's been taken from us 52 years ago is that if one of these men or women, their friend, their colleagues, make the ultimate sacrifice, that the sacrifice will not be in vein," Chief Art Acevedo said.

"The fact that I can come out here and tell my grandson 'let's go to great grandpa's park, let's go stand on his road' that excites me to know that I've got that. It's just awesome," Aleman said.