Road rage on the rise in Texas, AAA study says

A recent study from AAA showed there’s a good chance the driver next to you could be showing some signs of anger behind the wheel. 

"It’s a problem, and it’s a growing problem. A AAA Foundation survey shows at least 80% of drivers acknowledge that within the past 30 days they’ve exhibited some form of anger behind the wheel," said Armburster.

To avoid someone dealing with road rage, AAA recommends stopping any incidents before they happen. 

"Keeping your emotions in check, try to understand that likely that driver wasn’t trying to do something personal and even if they were it’s more of a risk to your safety and those around you to respond than it is to just let it go."

A constable in Harris County recommended getting a dashcam to help combat road rage.

"If you have the ability to install dash cameras on your dashboard, other equipment that may be able to video or photograph individuals that are driving aggressively or threatening you on the roadway we would certainly encourage you to pursue that type of technology," said Capt. Jonathan Zitzmann with Harris County Precinct Four.

If you do end up in a situation where a driver will not leave you alone it’s best to not handle it yourself and instead call the police.

With more people moving to Austin every day, as well as events like SXSW, AAA urged drivers to be patient with each other, as there’s a good chance you may come across someone who is lost or confused about Austin’s layout.

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