Ways to cope with 'holiday blues' this season

Signs you may be experiencing "holiday blues" include fatigue, losing interest in activities you normally enjoy, trouble making decisions or concentrating, withdrawing from friends and family, anger, irritability, and sadness.

FOX 7 Discussion: Suicide care initiative in Texas

Suicide is a serious, but preventable public health problem. Integral Care, as the local authority for behavioral health and developmental disabilities in Texas, has taken the lead on initiatives to help educate our community in hopes of collaboratively preventing suicides from occurring.

AISD student health services

Austin ISD health services staff are scrambling to find additional funding to keep mental health centers running at 16 school campuses.

Improving mental health services in schools

The Hogg Fondation is working to improve mental health services in area schools. Lockhart ISD is one of the districts to receive grant money for those services. Superintendent Susan Bohn talks about what this means for students.

New crisis center in Austin

The Judge Guy Herman Center for Mental Health Crisis is set to open in Austin. FOX 7's Jacqueline Sarikissian has the details.

Police prevent suicides

Officers say we are facing a mental health crisis in this country. Suicidal subject calls are increasing. Officers from Austin to the smaller Pflugerville are responding to hundreds, even thousands of cases per year. In this week’s Crimewatch FOX 7's Noelle Newton shows you at the incredible risk officers are taking to save these people and get them the help they need.