Rodney Reed supporters rally at Texas capital

Supporters of Death Row inmate Rodney Reed rallied at the Texas capital and Governors Mansion on Saturday afternoon.

They called upon Governor Greg Abbott to grant Reed clemency. 

“All eyes are on you, Governor Abbott. A great miscarriage has been committed in Bastrop county by evildoers. Make it right! Give my son back his life, exonerate him.” said Rodney Reed’s mother, Sandra Reed. 

Reed is set to die on November 20, for the murder of Stacey Stites. He has always maintained his innocence. 

“The State of Texas wants to murder Rodney Reed in 19 days but meanwhile, new evidence is uncovered almost daily, that proves his innocence.” said supporter, Lily Hughes, referring to a number of witnesses that have come forward in recent weeks, bolstering Reeds case.  

Hays County Jail inmate Arthur Snow Jr. recently stated that Jimmy Fennell admitted to killing Stites. Fennell is Stites’ former fiance and an ex-cop. He finished a ten-year prison sentence in 2018 for an unrelated sexual assault.

Fennell was a suspect in the original investigation into Stites’ death, but ultimately  Reed was convicted after his semen was found in her body. Reed claims that the two were having an affair and new witnesses have come forward to corroborate the claim. 

“We have so much and there’s so much doubt we don’t see how as a people, as a community, as a state, how you can allow this travesty to go on.” said Rodney Reed’s brother, Rodrick Reed. 

Two and a half weeks out from his execution date, Reed remains on death row. His case has drawn in a number of high profile supporters, including Kim Kardashian.

This week, the European Union wrote a letter to Governor Greg Abbott, calling on him to grant Reed clemency. 

“That’s torture. Rodneys being tortured out on death row, we’re being tortured out here. You know what I mean? Because just imagine having your loved one down there, and they didn’t do this.” said Rodrick Reed.