Roswell Police officers become 'cowboys' for a day

This story might be the greatest of all time! Some metro Atlanta officers proved they could just as easily have been cowboys.

The Roswell Police Department posted a video on their Facebook page Friday of the incident. Officers were called out to the intersection of Pine Grove Road and Shallowford Road after a report of some runaway goats.

That’s right, goats. Well, and a sheep. Wait, we forgot about the donkey!

Police said the animals were hired to clean up a woman’s lawn, but the workers walked off the job. Nearly two dozen four-legged friends could be seen on the video nibbling on a bush in front of the home, wandering the street, and even getting into the resident’s garage.

The officer’s herded the flock back into the temporary pen.

They can now add “goat wrangler” to their resumes!