Round Rock Express hosts Military Appreciation Night

Military Appreciation Night was Thursday, May 23 at the Dell Diamond. The Round Rock Express hosts this annual event to honor those who are serving or have served our country.

Tons of people showed up to not only watch some good baseball but also support veterans. Those organizing the event say having it close to Memorial Day is key as they also want to honor veterans who have passed and those who paid the ultimate price while serving.

“It’s good a really good outreach and I really enjoy it,” said Staff Sargent Michael Blue with the US Army.

Blue says, “Been a Texan my whole life I’ve been serving for about 12 years it will be 12 years in July.” 

Thursday’s event honored veterans in between innings at the game and it was no strike out.

“We’ve been at war for well over a decade now so It’s more important than ever that we stop and honor and focus on our men and woman in uniform who are serving that have served and that have passed,” said Ashely Kamrath the Military Appreciation Night event coordinator. 

Staff Sargent Blue stopped by the event to watch the Express take on the San Antonio Mission but also to play on the field with his brass band, the Lone Star Brass Brand from the First Cavalry Dvision Band.

They played as people entered the stadium.

“Some pop some funk, R&B there will be dancing there will be singing I wouldn’t say it’s a show more of an experience we like to have a little bit of fun and cut loose with the brass band,” said Blue.

It’s also no coincidence this event is held near Memorial Day.

“Memorial Day is all about stopping to honor there’s mattress sales and there’s weekends at the lake and there’s bbqs but be sure to stop and honor what this weekend is really all about which is remembered those who paid the ultimate sacrifice,” said Kamrath.

Kamrath says this year they are featuring a group called 22 Kill. “It’s a military nonprofit organization that does amazing work not only for veteran suicide awareness but also veteran suicide prevention,” said Kamrath.

For now Kamrath says supporting our veterans is the least they can do.

If you like to plan ahead, they already plan to hold next year’s Military Appreciation Day on Memorial Day.