Round Rock man sentenced to life in prison for kidnapping sisters

45-year-old Terry Allen Miles was sentenced to life in federal prison for kidnapping two minors and taking them to Colorado in 2017. 

Miles was foud guilty on two counts of kidnapping, one count of transporting a minor with intent to engage in sex with her, and one count of interstate travel with intent to engage in sex with a minor. 

"Today, a violent criminal has been sentenced and is off the streets, thanks to the extraordinary efforts of the agents, task force officers and analysts on the FBI Austin Child Exploitation Task Force, working with our law enforcement partners here in Texas and in other states as well," said FBI Special Agent in Charge Christopher Combs. 

In December of 2017, Round Rock police officers conducted a welfare check at the residence of Tonya Ellen Bates because she had not shown up for work that day as expected. The officers subsequently discovered Bates's body inside the residence.

Bates was the only individual at the residence at the time of the welfare check and Bates's 2017 Hyundai Accent was missing. Further investigation revealed that Miles, who had lived with Bates and her two young daughters, may have kidnapped the daughters, whose whereabouts were unknown.

Bates' death was ruled a homicide by blunt force trauma.

Testimony at trial indicated that Miles likely killed Bates by bludgeoning her on the head with a heavy flashlight. DNA evidence indicated that Bates' blood was found on one of Miles' sneakers.

Testimony elicited during trial also revealed that Miles repeatedly engaged in sexual relations with the 14-yearold girl over a five-month period prior to being arrested. DNA evidence indicated that Miles was the source of semen found in the 14 year old's underwear that she was wearing at the time she was found. Miles was also shown to be the source of semen found on a towel at the remote campsite where they hid out after arriving in Colorado.

"Round Rock is a safer place with Terry Miles scheduled to serve a well-deserved, lengthy prison sentence. While it won't reverse the harm done to these girls, it will allow them to continue the healing process without fear. This would not have been possible without the collaboration of the U.S Attorney's Office, the FBI, the Round Rock Police Department, and other Local, State and Federal law enforcement agencies," stated Round Rock Police Chief Banks.



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