Round Rock Neighborhood On High Alert Following Controlled Detonation

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A Round Rock neighborhood is on high alert after what was believed to be an explosive device and ammunition were found in a home.

Monday afternoon, crews did a controlled detonation on the suspicious device outside of the home on hillside drive.

"Oh my god what's happening," said Gus Ramirez who lives across the street. Ramirez was greeted Monday with his streets flooded with law enforcement and questions.

"You got to take these things as they come and hope they don't hit too close to home and this one did," said Ramirez.

Just across the street the Williamson County Sheriffs were searching a home.

"They found some material inside the residents and when I say materials; ammunition, some manuscripts, manuals about bomb making material," said Sheriff Robert Chody.

According to sheriff Chody they got a call from the landlord of the house in question who came across the materials. They were cleaning after the person renting the property moved out. "Seen them moving out about a week ago don't know nothing about them," said Ramirez.

When crews arrived Monday they brought along a bomb sniffing k-9 that found more than just ammo and manuals.

"A pipe bomb or what appeared to be like a pipe bomb and immediately backed out called the Austin Police Department and bomb squad," said Chody.

While Chody said there did not appear to be any explosive materials inside the device, it was taken outside and blown up in a controlled detonation.

"That was just a precursor to be safe that's all that was," said Chody.

Ramirez couldn't help but think back to the Austin bombings in march.

"You would hope stuff like this would go away and it just keeps happening unfortunately but I never thought it would be in my own neighborhood," said Ramirez. Sheriff Chody stressing how important it is people like Ramirez to be vigilant.

"I do want to remind the public it was an incendiary looking device so I don't want to put anybody at alarm but at the same time I think we have a responsibility especially in the Austin area we went through some months ago that you need to pay attention around your neighborhood if you see something report it," said Chody.

The FBI and ATF were also on scene. Right now it's still under investigation. No word yet on possible arrests or charges.