Round Rock officer cleared in choking incident

The Round Rock Police Department says a school resource officer was acting within policy when he grabbed a student by the throat. The incident was captured on video in October.

In cell phone video you can see 14-year-old Gyasi Hughes standing with two officers. The Round Rock High School sophomore had just gotten into a fight with a student inside the cafeteria.

Officers say what was captured, was their attempt to calm Hughes down and keep him from getting past them to return to the fight.

30 seconds in, Officer Rigo Valles grabs Hughes by the throat and takes him down.

Hughes and his father spoke with FOX 7 in October, the day after it happened.

"When he took me down, I felt like it was unnecessary. I had no intention of touching him or hitting him. I just wasn't okay when he kept pushing me," said Gyasi Hughes.

"The officer should definitely be disciplined based on the actions he took. I definitely think he was overly aggressive," said Kashka Hughes, father.

On Monday, the round rock police department released a statement saying after a thorough internal affairs investigation, it was determined there were no violations of department policies, procedures or training.

The Round Rock Police Department takes all incidents seriously. We continue to work in partnership with Round Rock ISD to make sure we are operating to the highest standard for the safety of our students, faculty and administration.

Officer Valles, who was re-assigned during the investigation, will now return to his position as a school resource officer.

"If they think that's the case they're in a fight for their lives," said NAACP Chapter President Nelson Linder.

The Hughes family has since moved to New York. NAACP Chapter President Nelson Linder speaks on their behalf. He says they are disappointed, but saw it coming.

Linder says he will file a complaint with the department of justice and do what he can to make sure the officer stays out of schools.

"That cop had too much anger and he was dangerous," said Linder. "We're going to mobilize in our community to make sure they understand you're not going to get away with this."

Round Rock police will meet with school officials to determine where Valles will work. He has been an officer for 15 years.