SWAT standoff in Round Rock ends with suspect in hospital

A five-and-a-half-hour SWAT standoff has ended in Round Rock.

The initial call that sparked the standoff on Vernell Way came before noon Monday, according to Round Rock police.

"Just before twelve o'clock we received a call from family members of a male who was in distress, indicated to the family members that he was suicidal," said Lt. Tom Sloan, acting SWAT commander with the Round Rock Police Department.

That led to an hours-long standoff which left many nearby residents stranded, including Eric Gregory. "I was at work, wife called me, said neighborhood was locked down so I immediately left, came home and here we are now."  

Because of possible explosives believed to be in the home, nearby homes were evacuated and the entire Jester Farms neighborhood was ultimately closed off to traffic until about 7 p.m., when residents were finally allowed back in and the roadways were reopened. 

"We came in to check on the dogs and we’re just here 2 1/2 hours later," said Greg Farias, who also lives in the neighborhood. "Waiting game, that’s all it is."

A SWAT robot was eventually sent into the home around 5:30 p.m. and found the barricaded man unresponsive but with no physical signs of trauma. He was taken to the hospital while investigators continued to make sure the scene was safe for nearby residents to return.

"We want to share our thoughts and concerns and our support with the family of this man who was in a crisis today and the best possible outcome happened, he is safe, the officers are safe, and the community is safe," said Lt. Sloan.

Round Rock police later said that all devices were determined to not be a threat.