RV development one step closer to being built near Hamilton Pool

Developers of a 10-acre RV Park are one step closer to breaking ground on property near Hamilton Pool. Homeowners who oppose it are concerned the development might pose an environmental and public safety risk.

On Tuesday Travis County Commissioners Court voted on requirements Bentree Builders needed to meet before they could receive final approval on their permit. Commissioners requested the developer complete a groundwater availability study and widen Stagecoach Ranch Road by at least 20 feet.

Chris Stewart has lived in the neighborhood for more than five years was pleased to hear about the study. However, he and other residents would like to see more done to ensure road safety access.

"The major issue is the narrow road that is already there and that we are going to be adding 80 recreational vehicles on that road and expecting it to function on a day-to-day basis but more importantly in a wildfire situation,” said Stewart. "There's only one way in and one way out for 250 residents if all those RV's had to get out."

Stewart said the neighborhood felt the impact back in 2011 when the Pedernales Bend caught fire.

"They issued an evacuation order and it was chaotic, it was really hard for people to all of a sudden get up and have to make a decision about what comes with you and what stays behind," Stewart said. “We don’t know think the fight is over, we don’t feel like we have resolution on the evacuation safety question.”

A Travis County spokesperson said if requirements are met, the Commissioners Court authorized the Transportation and Natural Resources Department to issue the permit.