Sam's BBQ doesn't plan on going anywhere, despite being offered millions

For 61 years, Sam's Bar-B-Que has been a staple for the eastside. “I got something special here. It's been in the family for three generations,” said Brian Mays, current owner.

Sam Campbell opened the restaurant in 1976, the Mays family took it over and they own it free and clear. Brian Mays was handed the business duties, from his father.

He says lately, buyers have been showing up at his doorstep, giving offers in the millions for the place. “People from California, Oregon, Dallas. It started out at $2.5 million, then it went up and it’s steadily going up." The latest offer was $3 million dollars.

“I was going to take it. I mean for real I’m not ashamed. But it is not about the money,” said Mays.

Twelfth Street and the eastside is rapidly changing, but Sam's has stayed put for decades. “This is an awesome place, the barbecue is amazing. It’s the best barbecue I’ve ever had in Texas,” said Alex Strenger. Customers like Alex Strenger believe East Austin is slowly losing its charm

“You’re taking a place that's been here for years and replacing it with a housing complex that's probably going to be torn down in another ten years and maybe there will be a Starbucks across the street,” said Alex Strenger.

Three million dollars is a lot of money. But for Brian, no amount of money can equate to love, support, and sharing a piece of brisket with his customers.

“It's about my loyalty to my community right here,” said Mays.

Saturday, June, 15, the community is holding an event to keep Sam’s Bar-B-Que open.

The event begins at 10:00 a.m