San Marcos announces city leadership changes

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The city of San Marcos is experiencing some changes in city leadership.

San Marcos City Manager Bert Lumbreras announced three changes to staff and city council last Tuesday as a result of reorganization following Assistant City Manager Collette Jamison's retirement.

“Collette’s retirement after 30 years of distinguished service is a huge loss for our organization,” Lumbreras said in a release. “However, I am proud of our effort over the last two years to position ourselves to be able to place the right people in the right places to achieve continued success.”  

Stephanie Reyes, Lumbreras' former chief of staff, was appointed the interim Assistant City Manager. She will continue to oversee administrative services including the City Manager’s office, finance, human resources, information technology, communications and will add Parks & Recreation and destination services.  

Chase Stapp will serve as interim Director of Public Safety, and oversee the police, fire, emergency management, municipal court, and neighborhood enhancement. He has served as Chief of Police since 2014.

Bob Klett will take over as interim Police Chief, having served with the San Marcos Police Department for over 29 years and as Assistant Chief since 2014. 

In addition, Assistant City Manager Steve Parker oversees the community and economic development departments including Engineering/CIP, planning & development services and library, general services including the airport, fleet and transit operations, and public services. Parker has served as Assistant City Manager since 2012 and has worked at the City for 16 years total.