San Marcos police searching for vehicle linked to dozens of break-ins

San Marcos police are asking the public for help identifying a white SUV believed to be linked to dozens of vehicle break-ins at two apartment complexes Monday evening. 

Twenty-seven vehicles were broken into at the Hawthorne at Blanco Riverwalk and another 14 vehicles at McCarty Commons.

"It’s insane, but I’m not surprised," said a resident whose Jeep Cherokee was broken into. "It is what it is. It sucks, especially because we’re out of a vehicle."

Police believe at least four men are responsible for the break-ins. Their descriptions are: 

  • Suspect one: Tall, thin, white male
  • Suspect two: Hispanic male, wearing grey hoodie and blue backpack
  • Suspect three: Black man, wearing white top and black shorts
  • Suspect four: White man, early twenties, wearing black hat and black shirt

Items were reported stolen from 12 of the 42 vehicles that were broken into. $5,000 worth of goods were stolen, including one firearm.

"They broke our center console into about three pieces, then our glove box and the compartment above our glove box were completely broken also. They rummaged through all of our paperwork that we had in there. They drew everything where it was placed completely out broke our window," the resident said. 

Anyone with photos or videos of the white SUV is encouraged to contact the San Marcos Police Department. 

San Marcos police is also offering the following tips to help prevent your vehicle from being broken into:

  • Do not leave guns in your vehicle as many car burglars are looking specifically for guns. These stolen guns often end up in the hands of juveniles and gang members and are used in the commission of crimes.
  • Do not leave wallets, purses, phones, jewelry, cash, spare car keys, electronics and other important things in your vehicle - even if they are hidden. Even locked center consoles and glove boxes are often pried open in search of valuables.
  • If your car looks empty, it is far less enticing to thieves. Even a visible gym bag with nothing important in it could make your car a target.