Saying goodbye to Fado: 4th street Irish pub celebrates final St. Patrick's day

Thousands of people filled the streets in downtown Austin on Saturday to celebrate the last day of SXSW, Saint. Patrick’s and to say goodbye to 4th street's beloved Irish pub Fado's

The Austin police department and Fado's private security team called Gate Keeper monitored the area. Amanda Hilliker, Gate Keeper Office Manager said they had 19 security guards working the event to help with safety and keeping an eye on capacity.

"So we have them on the exterior and have that presence and make sure there are no weapons coming in but we are looking for bags as well to make sure nothing is coming in that doesn't need to," Hilliker said.

Fado opened its doors in 1997 the General Manager John O'brien says simply because Austin needed a good Irish pub.

"An Irish pub like Fado is a community center people have met their significant others here lots of people who have met their first dates here,” O’brien said. “So just over the last week we've had a lot people come in just because of the memories they've had over the last 20 years."

Frequent customers like Joseph Cummins said Fado’s was more than just a pub he and his friends and family would meet up on St. Patrick’s Day every year. They wore green shirts that said, “Irish, you had more time.”

Over the past 20 years the pub's lease is up and may be re-locating. The line to get in wrapped around the building and two bars down.

Victoria Ortega said she will miss Fado’s atmosphere and had to stop by for one more St. Patrick’s Day

"I had the itch I just needed to get down here and being this is the last time Fado's is doing their street party it's an end of an era,” Ortega said,