Warning about scammers impersonating West Lake Hills PD members

West Lake Hills police have released a warning about phone scams involving spoofed phone numbers. 

In some cases, police said that scam callers can impersonate the police department's exact phone number and falsify caller ID information, making it appear as if the police are the ones calling.

Police warned that scam calls will often threaten arrest and demand payment for warrants or traffic violations. Warnings of similar phone scams have been issued in the past, including a 2022 report in West Lake Hills and a 2020 report in Austin.

According to an FCC factsheet about spoofing, scammers often press for personal information or ask for payments.  The FCC advises scam call recipients to hang up immediately and avoid giving out personal information over the phone. 

Additionally, if a caller claims to represent a company or a government agency but seems suspicious, call recipients should hang up and call an official number instead. Reputable contact information can be found on official sources such as billing statements, mail, or an official website.

Residents who receive a suspicious phone call should hang up and call West Lake Hills Police directly at 512-327-1195. 

Victims of spoofing scams can also file a complaint with the FCC online. 

Additionally, any information regarding warrants or outstanding traffic violations can be found on the West Lake Hills Municipal Court's website or by calling the court at 512-327-1862.