Two new schools being built to address enrollment growth within Bastrop ISD

Two different multi-million dollar construction projects are officially underway in Bastrop County. New schools are being built to address growing enrollment in Bastrop ISD.

But Superintendent Barry Edwards noted any groundbreaking is rare for Bastrop ISD.

"It’s been since 2009 that we’ve built a school. The last school we built was Cedar Creek High School, its long overdue," said Edwards.

The construction projects were approved as part of a $183 million bond vote last year.

"It’s been a long time coming, we’ve been on an extraordinary journey. Our voters got together a little more than a year ago to pass a historic bond," said Edwards.

The two schools are for elementary students. Each one costing a little more than $30 million. They're needed to address an enrollment boom in Bastrop ISD- a 28% increase in the past 10 years.

"When this school opens in August 2023, it seems like a long time, but it’s not going to be that long, it will open with between 750 and 800 Pre K through 5th grade students. That’s the need for this area," said Board President Billy Moore.

Two of those new students attended the groundbreaking with their father.

"If we go to Red Rock where we would be assigned that’s about 12 to 14 miles. We go to Cedar Creek, it's about 12 to 14. And this will be like less than 5. It’s a big difference," said David Green.

Nearly 5,000 students are projected to be enrolled at all the district’s elementary schools for the new fall session. All the high schools in Bastrop ISD are expected to have a combined enrollment of almost 4,000 students this fall. 

The money from the bond issue will not only build the two schools, the district also has other projects to address the growth that’s taking place.

About $70 million will go to renovating and expanding existing facilities. Almost $10 million is earmarked for safety and security upgrades. A little more than $30 million will address infrastructure needs to parking lots, athletic fields.

"We have been growing at a tremendous rate, so this is a fantastic opportunity for us to catch up with that growth and get some brand-new schools for our students," said Edwards.

Most projects are being fast tracked but conversion plans for Bastrop and Cedar Creek Intermediate Schools are being delayed. Prices increases, triggered by inflation, are blamed for that. 

While the intermediate schools will not be converted to middle schools, some improvements to the campuses are being done this summer.