Scuba divers driving across the U.S. to help families find their missing loved ones

A specialty scuba diving team has been traveling across the country helping families whose loved ones are missing.  Sam Ginn and Jared Leisek drive around in an RV, hauling their dive gear in a trailer.  They detail their adventures on social media.

"We're Adventures With Purpose. We're traveling the U.S. trying to help as many families find their loved ones as we can," said Ginn.

Ginn and Leisek specialize in water operations.  If there's a chance the body of a missing person may be in a river or lake, they'll try to find it.

They arrived in Georgia this week to help look for Natalie Jones, a mom from Heard County who has been missing since July.  While they were searching ponds for the second day in a row, someone discovered Jones' pink car on the side of a road, with her body inside.

Shortly after the car was found, Ginn said, "This is a very small town, not sure if us being here is a coincidence or the fact that us being here stirred up some emotion in somebody and they just dumped it."

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Days earlier, the family of a North Carolina teen finally had answers after the divers found his car in a river. Nicholas Allen had been missing for 8 months.

Ginn and Leisek find out about the missing person cases through their subscribers on YouTube and their followers on Facebook.

"We get about 18 million views a month from YouTube and Facebook. With that, anything water-related with a vehicle and missing person, we hear about it," said Leisek.

The team stopped at the Chattahoochee River in Fulton County on Friday after one of their viewers told them there may be a car in the river. They didn't find the car, but they did come up with more than a dozen phones and some guns.


"We may have solved a couple of crimes anyway, no human remains but we did end up with 3 guns, a number of burner phones, a laptop and a purse," said Leisek.

It was a nice find, but their true mission is helping families find out what happened to their loved ones.

"You form a super close bond, super close relationship. We stay in contact well after we've succeeded in the mission. They love us, we love them," said Ginn.

Ginn and Leisek still have 6 more planned recovery stops before heading home to Oregon. One-stop is in Kansas for a missing elderly couple.

The divers never charge the families a penny. They say they do it because if they were in their situation, they would want someone to help them.

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