Search continues for two missing girls out of Round Rock

We're learning more about a man who may have kidnapped two young girls in Round Rock. Terry Miles is also a person of interest in their mother's death and has an extensive criminal history.

State and federal authorities have joined in the search for the missing girls. The last possible sighting was in northern New Mexico.  

Photos of 14-year-old Lili and 7-year-old Lulu are being shared across the country. Authorities believe they could be in grave danger knowing the suspect's past.

 "At this point, our whole focus is to get these girls home safe. We do not believe they are with Terry Allen Miles willingly," says Chief Allen Banks, Round Rock Police Department. 

On Sunday officers received two separate calls for a welfare check on 44-year-old Tonya Bates. They responded to her home on the 2600 block of Leslie Court both times but did not enter. A local law enforcement attorney explains the process. 

"If they had showed up and went to the house and saw signs of a struggle, or if they had heard arguing inside, they saw blood outside - all of those are enough to go in," says Travis Willamson, attorney. 

That next day, officers received information giving them probable cause to go inside. That's when they found Bates dead. 44-year-old Terry Allen Miles is considered a person of interest.

 "At this point, what we know is he's just a roommate, that all he did was live in the residence. There is no relationship, that we know of, between him and Tonya," says Chief Banks. 

Bates's two children, Lili and Lulu, were not found in the home. Authorities believe they were taken by Miles in a gray Hyundai Accent.

Court documents obtained by FOX 7 show he has a long criminal history. Authorities out of Sulphur, Lousiana consider him a danger to society. They have dealt with him regarding a similar incident. 

"In Round Rock it's also a beating, which is the same manner of death, which we never disclosed before this time. So it certainly fits his method of operation, if that is true and what's going on. We know that he likes to beat on women because he's got several domestic abuse, battery charges" says Sheriff Tony Mancuso, Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office. 

Several of his abuse charges involved a woman named Kerrie Lynn Filipski. FOX 7 spoke with her aunt on Tuesday, referring to miles and his actions as sadistically evil. 

 "She was hung by her wrists, on the pipes inside the apartment, and he had beat her with a baseball bat," says Pascha Atchison, Kerrie's aunt. 

Kerrie died from an overdose in 2012. That's when attempted murder charges against Miles were dropped. Her aunt says she hopes he doesn't get away with anything else. 

"Oh my God, I'm afraid he is going to do what he did to my niece to them because they are so young and they cant fight for themselves," says Atchison. 

Seven-year-old Lulu attended Johnson Elementary School according to a spokesperson with Round Rock ISD. It's believed 14-year-old Lili was being home-schooled.

Tonya was working as a patient care tech at St. David's Round Rock Medical Center. In a statement sent to FOX 7, CEO Jeremy Barclay said: