Search for Kyle missing mom intensifies

Investigators with the Kyle Police Department have spent the past week following what few leads they have in tracking down a missing mom from Kyle.

The situation remains classified as a missing persons case.

“Yeah we are still trying to figure out putting pieces of the puzzle together just to figure out what’s going on,” said lead Detective Pedro Carrasco, Jr.

They’re still not sure if foul play is involved or if they have a runaway, according to Carrasco. 

“It is frustrating not knowing exactly which direction to go with the case,"  said Carrasco. 

32-year-old Yuridia Anaya Espinosa Nava has been missing since Feb. 22nd. Yuri, as she is known by friends was last seen at a house on Cotton Gin Road just east of Kyle . The woman who babysits her  5- month-old son lives there.

Investigators were told Yuri runs a house cleaning service and was on her way to a client’s house in Georgetown. The child is a big reason why investigators are worried. 

“According to the family she was very, the baby was her life and so for her to just up and leave the child alone just doesn’t make sense to any of the family members,” said Carrasco.

On Feb. 28th at a store just south of ABIA Yuri’s SUV was found in the parking lot. It was left just out of the range of security cameras. A review of the video appears to show a vehicle similar to the SUV arriving but it’s not clear enough to determine who was behind the wheel. Crime scene technicians with the Travis County Sheriff’s Office are helping with the case.

They’ve processed the vehicle for clues but so far nothing found has proven to be helpful.

“Some of the things that we collected in terms of fingerprints and DNA swabs things like that those have to go to DPS to be processed to figure out if they are hers or someone else. But there was nothing that stood out to us that was abnormal,” said Det. Carrasco.

Investigators say they have not uncovered anything on Yuri’s social media to help them, 
and they have not identified anyone as a person of interest.

A statewide alert has been entered into a law enforcement communications system in case a law-enforcement officer from some other jurisdiction comes in contact with her.