Cy-Fair ISD 7th grader attacked at school, left with a concussion

A 13-year-old girl was attacked at school, left bleeding, and is afraid to go back.

It happened in the Cypress Fairbanks Independent School District, where the 7th grader suffered a pretty serious head injury among others when she was attacked at Cy-Fair ISD’s Thornton Middle School by another student.

A couple of pictures of bruises and lacerations taken hours after the injuries were inflicted and a medical report pointing out the 13-year-old’s concussion only tell part of the story. 


A video posted to social media of a portion of the violent attack against the Thornton Middle School student whose identity we’re concealing gives another glimpse of the vicious assault she suffered while at school two weeks ago.

"We were in class, and she was talking about me, and we were going back and forth, and then I turned around to do my work and the next thing I know she hit me on the back of my head." the 13-year-old explains. 

The 7th graders say sitting there at her desk she blacked out after she was hit and regained consciousness on the floor with the girl stomping her in her face and head. 

She says she could hear the teacher calling her attacker’s name, but it was two students who ultimately pulled her attacker off. 

"She just sat there calling her name," the girl said. '"She could have at least tried to get her off of me, but she didn’t." 

Her father Tony Rickmon tells FOX 26 he and his daughter have complained repeatedly to Thornton Middle School officials about the bullying. 

"I’m a single dad. I send my daughter to go to school to get an education, and she’s getting assaulted. She’s getting bullied," he said. "This has been going on for a long time, and they didn’t do anything."

The 13-year-old says she informed the office seven times that she was being bullied to no avail. 

"She started talking about me, posting things about me. When I would walk in the hallway she would accidentally push me, and then she'd start laughing. I went inside the office and wrote a statement about what happened," she explained. "But they still didn’t do anything."


As the 7th grader remained bleeding with a concussion there in the class, she says her attacker taunted her. 

"She said, ‘man I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time,'" the child noted. 

"My daughter is not attending that school anymore," Rickmon says. "It’s not safe. It’s a hostile environment." 

In fact, the 13-year-old says she feels like she’s being punished because she’s virtual schooling now, while her attacker is still in the building.

"It’s embarrassing and scary because I don’t know what anybody is going to do to me now," she said. "I loved school, going to school being happy." Not anymore. "I have nightmares about what happened." 

CyFair ISD sent a statement saying: 

 "Fighting is unacceptable and not tolerated, and appropriate disciplinary consequences have been issued to the students determined to be involved. The substitute teacher intervened as soon as she felt it was safe to do so."

The family says the 13-year-old still suffers headaches and are told the District Attorney’s office has accepted criminal charges against the attacker. They want her expelled from school, want the teacher fired, and for more to be done across the country to protect kids from bullies. 

"It's a lot of kids getting bullied out here, and it’s not right because when they get bullied it makes them lose their self-esteem, they want to go hurt themselves, they feel like they don't have any hope," Rickmon says. 

"It’s not fair to the children who wake up every morning thinking about If they go to school what will happen to them," his daughter adds. "[They’re] scared to go to school, scared for their life, scared to walk down the hallway."