Shooting suspect leads police into Walmart store, prompts evacuation

Five juveniles and three adults have been detained after a group of suspects believed to be involved in a series of shootings fled from police in Converse.

The Bexar County Sheriff says there were a series of shootings around the area overnight. Officers were dispatched to the home of one of the suspects involved in the shootings on August 27.

Upon arrival at the residence, officers heard gunshots. An officer went around the house to check the backyard, when a group of juveniles scattered, the sheriff says. 

One of the juveniles entered a Walmart store nearby, prompting law enforcement to temporarily evacuate the building. 

The suspect that entered the store has been detained. BCSO says the individual was unarmed. Seven others have also been detained. 

The Walmart store has resumed normal business, and danger no longer remains in the area, according to police.