Show your love with a call from a baby alpaca

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Forget the roses, this year you can send your one true love a personalized phone call from a baby alpaca for Valentine's Day.

The hotel where Panchita the Alpaca lives is helping Panchita deliver adorable "alpaca-grams" via FaceTime.

Little Panchita hangs out at the JW Marriott el Convento Cusco in Peru where she meets and snuggles with guests and takes selfies. 

On Valentine's Day, your sweetheart could get a Facetime call from Panchita, but you have to register ahead of time by February 12 at 5 p.m. PST. 

Not everyone will get an alpaca-gram and recipients will be chosen at random, so you may want to have a backup Valentine's gift just in case. 

To enter, head to the Love Panchita website: