Six found dead on rural Anderson County property

Six people have been found dead, including four in a pond, on a rural East Texas property.

The Anderson County sheriff said the five men and one woman were somehow all related.

One suspect, William Hudson, 33, has been arrested and faces one murder charge with more forthcoming.

Officials said a woman escaped Hudson’s vast property outside Palestine in Anderson County, which is about two hours southeast of Dallas, and called 911 on Sunday about 7 a.m.

When officials arrived they found two bodies, a man and a woman, inside a trailer on a small piece of property adjacent to Hudson’s land. Officials realized four people were unaccounted for and they were later discovered dead in a pond.

The lone survivor is believed to have hidden from Hudson while the killings took place.

Officials wouldn’t say how the six people died, but said the two in the trailer were possible shooting victims.

Hudson is not cooperating with the investigation, according to officials. He is currently in jail on a $2.5 million bond.

Relatives say the victims were part of two families celebrating a birthday.

The property they were found on is owned by Thomas Kamp, who is one of the murder victims.

Kamp purchased the land in October from a family member of the suspect.

The victims' relatives are still trying to understand the motive for the murders.

"The family is devastated,” said a family member. “We can't even imagine [the deaths] are part of our reality. Clichés like 'You never know, it could happen to anybody,' and ‘Something you see on TV' are all things we've said."


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