Son of Fallen HPD officer gets "Sea of Blue" escort for first day of Kindergarten

A fallen HPD officer's young son received an unforgettable escort from a "sea of blue" on his first day of Kindergarten. Law enforcement officers gathered in a memorable full show of force to walk right alongside little Kevin Will, Jr. as he entered his first day at a Cypress-area elementary school.  

"We a blue family, and this is what we do." said HPD Sargeant BK Klev.  Young Kevin Jr.'s father, Kevin Will was killed tragically in the line of duty in 2011 when he was investigating a hit-and-run on the North Loop. A drunk driver struck and killed the officer.  Kevin never got to meet his father.  "So it's up to us to see him off to his first day of kindergarten." That's why the "sea of blue", his officer family showed up for him. 5-year-old Kevin Will was escorted by his mom, grandparents and dozens of officers to his first day at the Cypress elementary kindergarten class.   

“We’re really thankful for all the police officers who turned out to support Kevin when his dad couldn’t be there," said Kevin's grandmother.